This evening i stumbled across the website, while surfing the web. OMG! Genius. I do have to applaud whoever came up with this.  Happiness is a very very important part of everyone’s life.  I don’t care who you are, life is better when you are happy, that is just obvious.  Two years ago I met a person that just started working with me, she was and still is, probably the happiest person i have ever met.  She could get excited about Mango’s, I’m not kidding that happened once.  I once asked her why she was so happy all the time, she told me “because there is so much to be happy about”.  She taught me to be a happier person by just hanging out with her 8-5 Monday through Friday. I owe her my ability to look at every day with positive thoughts and happiness.  I am super excited to start the 100 happy days challenge, i cant wait to share with all my Instagram followers what makes me happy for 100 days straight, yippie 🙂 XXX Kimber 

Love Her ❤