There are so many things that can change.  Relationships, attitudes, feelings, jobs, the weather, so many things.  Sometimes i have to breathe and remind myself that change is just part of life.  Some changes are great while others are not so great.  I am so very fortunate to have such amazing family and friends to help me and support me through any changes that are thrown my way.  You never really realize how many people actually care for you and love you until you need them the most.  They just appear and clear their schedules out of no where.

I just went through probably one of the most painful breakups of all time (i know i know everyone says that) but honestly, it was hurtful for me.  I swear to the sweet lord that so many people, who i didn’t even think knew i existed, were there for me.  You would seriously think i am in mourning with all the food i have been offered lately. 🙂 Even though it took me two weeks (minimum) to pull my life back together and be able to function (i still cry in public) haha. I keep reminding myself that beautiful things can come from this, and its all in the way you react to it.

People come and go through out your life.  They teach you things about who you are. Some are meant to stay forever and some are meant to only stay for a while.  I am thankful for the time that taught me more about myself than I could ever imagine.  As long as you take a lesson learned from every experience, it is worth all the pain and heart ache.

Life will never be easy or a coast, but who would want it to be? The harder you fight for something and the harder you work for something, the greater the accomplishment is.  So YOU keep smiling and I will keep smiling and bring on the next BIG thing 🙂

XOXOXOX Kimber Image